Is There an Ordinary Day?

Isaiah the prophet said it was the Lord God (the One who pulls people from futility and meaninglessness and sets them in His ways) who taught His people to profit and who led them in the way they should go (Isaiah 48:17ff):

“If only you had paid attention to my commandments!

Then your well-being [peace] would have been like a river,

And your righteousness like the waves of the sea.”

One clear necessity when relating to God is listening for and responding to His voice. And His voice is not always mysterious—given that the Bible is composed of words that give way to reason and logic—like any literature. But there is more to how those words work. There is a component that requires God to reach in to our mind/heart/spirit and help unlock, well, understanding. And on our part we must pay attention not just with intellect, but with the actions of daily life. Maybe understanding is unlocked using intellect plus the tools of a workday and the affections of family life and even the sorrows of rush hour traffic.

But the promise of paying attention to God’s voice: a river of peace. An ocean of right-standing with God. Would any day be ordinary with such a relationship?


One response to “Is There an Ordinary Day?

  1. I love they way you have identified that sometimes what God is trying to teach us through His scripture, becomes clear when we consider what he is saying through the rest of our life. He is at work in all, to bring us to a better understanding and relationship with Him.

    I am struck by the word picture – in Isaiah – by following God’s commands – from that flows a river of peace. When we find a river in many ways seem to come from places we do not know – and even in following God’s commands we will find that His peace comes to us from places we do not know. Also the righteousness is like the waves of the sea – which is constantly renewing and robust. That is what I want in my life… I think I will pay attention to God’s commands.

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