I Never Thought About The Holy Spirit.

I’ve not thought much about the life of God’s Holy Spirit. Most of my life of trying to understand God has been spent reading the Bible trying to learn about the Father and seeing the works of the Son. I have not thought much of the Spirit of God other than to wonder at the strange doings of my charismatic brothers and sisters.


Then I started reading Graham Cole‘s He Who Gives Life (Wheaton, Ill: Crossway Books, 2007), a volume that develops a theology of the Holy Spirit. The work is written from a conservative theological bias and draws on many Reformed authors I read and agree with. But Cole also introduces topics and authors I am with whom I am unfamiliar. So Cole‘s volume has stretched me and caused me to think much about the work and person of the Holy Spirit. Cole‘s book has also caused me to want to understand more of the workings of this mysterious person of the Trinity. Throughout the book, at the end of every chapter, Cole includes a section called “Implications for Belief and Practice.” This section always sparks my interest because how we live in relation to God is most interesting to me-in this section Cole “shows a way forward” (a favorite phrase of his that is starting to grow on me, too) in living closely with the God of the universe and His Christ via His Spirit.


In the next five or six blog entries, I want to look at the book’s strengths and weaknesses and offer a critique. Tell me if you agree, disagree, think I’m nuts or naïve. Maybe the Spirit will use our conversation to help us know better the Triune God!



4 responses to “I Never Thought About The Holy Spirit.

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