Stuff Cole Does Well

Cole does a good job in helping me see that the Spirit of God is not just some riddle to sort through and piece together on my way toward a fuller understanding of the Triune God. He is clear that there is mystery beyond what we know of God. But that mystery is a person (mind you, not a human person). And, just as any person, can be known. This notion is consonant with what I’ve always understood about knowing God—that it is less an intellectual pursuit than it is a living-in-obedience kind of thing: intellection plus daily life. So Cole‘s approach invites me to want to get to know this Spirit of God because of the implicit hope of a transformed life.


Cole also does a good job with showing scriptural bases for why we would even think of the Spirit as part of God: the Spirit shares the name of God, the attributes of God (Ps. 139.7), the power of God. And he does a good job showing briefly what a few of the church fathers thought of the person and work of the Holy Spirit. For instance, Basil of Caesarea thought of the Spirit as the “perfecting cause.” In other words, the Spirit enables things to become what they were created to be (Cole, p.73). This is an especially potent thought as I consider what purposes God has created me for and as I think and pray about the mission and purpose He has for the people around me. Perhaps the Holy Spirit of God can lead in this.


Cole does a good job inviting me into the mystery.




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